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Nowhere Is Safe
Yo! I'm Niki. Up all night and running in place.

As you can see, I enjoy robots. I also enjoy videogames, science, bugs, and talking! I love meeting new people so don't ever be afraid to chat me up!
Also I draw things. And sometimes write.


My Draws My Writes

I don’t even have any words for today.

Just like a little coil of anxious right now

I need to do something but I can’t seem to start anything. I hate waiting around for other people under vague timelines.

milagrosen asked:
Niki i just realized one reason why KOBB is so great! They can literally be any kind of AU and it will work!

That’s the great thing about au’s, you can make it work for anyone, anytime. I love au’s. 




"gee, that’s a nice set of legs―"
don’t sAY IT―”
what time do they open?”

it’s my dear girlfriend iacon-lamppost's birthday!!!!!! to celebrate you and your impeccable taste, i have here for you the Bad Porn Line Tailgate and Blushing Bara Cyclonus you never asked for. im so sorry. have a good one, buddy (._.)

Amazing <3 

Inhuman snorting

hamfootsia said: 

It works so well for you. Also he’s like one of my favorites ever. Also I was gonna watch Bug’s Life today but watched Antz instead hahaha what a weird almost coincidence.


Antz is a good one too, I love both those movies.